At Empero, we provide strategic consultancy services in urban planning, urban and resort design and planning, and we manage real estate development projects.

We also rely on a network of trusted professional partners who round out our services offer. Active in a variety of fields such as architecture, civil engineering, land and legal surveying, graphic design, computer assisted design and drafting, and biology, we can recommend their services to you as needed.

And if you have already chosen your preferred complementary professional resources, we will be delighted to join forces with them.


A skilled negotiator with a keen talent for analysis and persuasive argument, Marc Perreault is an expert of choice as a strategic consultant in urban planning. He is noted for his ability to conduct negotiations to obtain building permits and amendments to urban planning regulations, to draft memoranda and project arguments, to evaluate the potential of real estate development projects by conducting diligent reviews, and to act as an expert witness in Court.


Empero draws up master plans for real estate development projects on urban sites or in resort settings, including the development of mountain resort tourist complexes. We can analyze the site, come up with a design vision, design a development concept and prepare the development plan itself, together with the architectural and landscaping criteria.


At Empero, we diligently coordinate all the steps related to implementing an entire real estate project. This includes preparing the timeline, coordinating the work of specialized professionals, and representing the client in discussions with various jurisdictional authorities, including negotiating new regulatory frameworks and development agreements. We have the skills and experience to earn your trust as your prime contractor.