Specialising in real estate development project management and design, both in urban and resort settings, Empero also provides strategic consultancy services in urban development.

«Inspired by challenges, I work in concert with you in planning your projects. Motivated by a successful outcome, I carry out the mandates you ask me to accomplish, meticulously and creatively. »

– Marc Perreault, President


Building on more than 35 years’ experience in development, urban planner Marc Perreault has worked with clients in the private sector as well as with municipalities and other government agencies.

Prior to establishing his own business, Empero, in August 2015, he held positions with three major urban design and architecture firms. He joined the team at Services intégrés Lemay et associés in 2014, after having served as vice-president and director at IBI Group Inc. from 2006 to 2014. Earlier in his career, from 1980 to 2005, he was an associate at Daniel Arbour et Associés.

Marc Perreault’s impressive professional record speaks eloquently of his vast experience and reputation as an urban planner.  
Known for his strong listening skills and versatility, another of Marc Perreault’s strengths is his ability to bring clarity to projects. Deftly grasping the essential focus of a project, he is able to fine-tune it to take into account the basic needs expressed by the client as well as the existing framework. Energized by challenges, he is both creative and meticulous, and highly versatile when it comes to finding the best way to fulfill his mandates. A skilled standard-bearer for your projects, he is also an exceptional negotiator.

Professional career highlights

  • Master development plan for the Versant du Village base at the Bromont Resort / Ski Bromont (2015-2016)
  • Development plan for the Cours du Quartier project in Brossard / 9274-3046 Québec inc., 33,000 m2 – 975 housing units (2016)
  • Development plan for the conversion of the former La Prairie golf clubhouse and construction of four 15-storey apartment buildings / 9004481 Canada inc., 33,406 m2 – 600 housing units –  36,000 m2 retail space (2016)
  • Development plan for zone H-105 in Mont-Saint-Hilaire to expand a seniors’ residence (Résidence Soleil) – 60 units and construction of 127 units / Gestion Guertin Immobilier (2016)
  • Master development plan for an international school campus at the Lachute golf course, including a residence for 2,000 students: 300,000 m2 / H-H Capital inc. (2016)
  • Master development plan for the Domaine Château Bromont project, including a convention centre and the addition of 210 housing units / Domaine Château Bromont (2016)
  • Redevelopment of the Veterans’ Lodge site in Senneville / 8 824 371 Canada inc. (Senneville-sur-le-Parc project) 161,815 m2 – 84 housing units (2015-2016)
  • Redevelopment of the Brossard golf course / Groupe Molesini (Brossard-sur-le-Parc project), 136,000 m2 – 520 housing units (2015-…)
  • Preliminary master development plan for the Owl’s Head ski resort / Intercimes (2017)
  • Development of the Sandy Beach site in Hudson (Pine Beach project) / Nicanco Holdings 174,872 m2 – 300 housing units (2015-…)

From May 1980 to August 2015, Marc Perreault has contributed to the design of nearly one hundred development plans for residential projects in urban and resort settings, TOD (Transit-oriented Developments), seniors’ complexes, commercial projects, municipal and regional parks, institutional projects (airport and hospitals) and industrial parks. Of all these development plans, the most notable are:

  • Mont-Tremblant (Intrawest) – Master development plan for Mont-Tremblant development phases I to IV including 5,800 housing units in three pedestrian villages, two golf courses, a tennis centre, an equestrian centre, two beaches, a ski touring centre and 20 kilometres of forest trails
  • Lac-Mégantic – Vision statement for the rebuilding of the downtown core and preparation of the re-establishment plan
  • Bromont – Master development plans for integrated projects (golf course and housing) for the Parcours du Vieux-Village and Royal Bromont
  • Longueuil – Master development plan for the Roland-Therrien pole in accordance with TOD principles
  • McGill University Health Centre – Master development plan for the Glen and Mountain campuses
  • National Capital Commission – Zoning plan for Meech Creek Valley and the Lac-des-Fées activity centre in Gatineau Park
  • Cherokee – Master development plan for the Faubourg Boisbriand residential project, the first project in Québec to qualify for LEED-ND certification, Gold category
  • Negotiations with the Ville de Montréal borough, Le Sud-Ouest, for the construction of a groundwater decontamination work / La société Les Ponts Jacques Cartier et Champlain incorporée (2015-2016)
  • Preparation of a brief concerning the proposed new urban plan for Bromont / Ski Bromont Immobilier (2015-2016)
  • Preparation of a brief concerning a TOD project in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville / BCH and 9274-3947 Québec inc. (2016)
  • Professional coaching concerning the Le Commodore housing project file in Laval (Aldo Construction c. Ville de Laval) / Aldo Construction (2015-…)
  • Preparation of a case study to support a proposal to establish a multi-fuel station, convenience store and bistro in Bromont / Ski Bromont Immobilier (2016)
  • Professional coaching to support Ville de Candiac in its efforts to obtain a certificate of authorization from MDDELCC pursuant to Section 22 of the Environment Quality Act permitting the backfilling of wetlands on the lots making up the TOD in the train station sector (2016)
  • Negotiation with Ville de Brossard regarding access to Centre de Jardin Brossard as part of work to widen Boulevard Grande-Allée, Centre de Jardin Brossard (2016)
  • Application submitted to CDN-NDG to obtain a permit for a specific construction, alteration or occupancy proposal for an immovable (SCAOPI) regarding signage at the MUHC Glen Campus / McGill University Health Centre (2016-…)
  • Application for a building permit subject to approval under an architectural implementation and integration plan (AIIP) – Wang residence on L’Île-des-Sœurs (Nun’s Island) / Construction Jean Houde (2016) 

Preparation of the master development plan and the implementation plan as well as their follow-up, coordination of professionals, negotiation of the regulatory framework with municipalities, obtention of approvals and permits from relevant authorities (municipalities, MTQ, MDDELCC, CN, CP, etc.) and representation on the client’s behalf in dealings with these same authorities for the following projects:

  • Redevelopment of La Prairie golf course / 9274-3947 Québec inc. (La Prairie-sur-le-Parc project) 598,573 m2 – 1,935 housing units (2015-…)
  • Development of a TOD in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville / 9274-3947 Québec inc. 420,000 m2 – 1,890 housing units (2015-2016)
  • Development of a TOD in McMasterville (Quartier MC2 project) / Saint-Basile-le-Grand / 9274-3947 Québec inc. 1,708,700 m2 – 4,495 housing units (2015-…)
  • Development of a TOD in Candiac (station sector project) / Groupe Investissement Broad Canada 248,123 m2 – 1,853 housing units (2015-…)
  • Redevelopment of Les Légendes golf course in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Nova Habita project) / 9241-4333 Québec inc. 280,000 m2 – 500 housing units (2015-…)
  • Development of the Châteaux de Senneville project / 9261-7224 Québec inc. 37,193 m2 – 224 housing units (2016-…)

Preparation of more than one hundred urban planning tools (regional planning schemes, urban plans, special urban planning programs, regulatory reform) for the same number of municipalities

Urban integration studies associated with the implantation of structuring transit infrastructure and evaluation of the economic benefits of a public transit system for urban development. Of the dozen transit and traffic studies conducted, the most notable are:

Project office for the Pont Champlain LRT (CIMA+) – Subcontractor for the project office, in charge of urban design and real estate expertise for the opportunity study preparation process; participation in various activities to analyze the means (light rail transit, rapid bus service and tram-train) and routes being considered for the potential implantation of a structuring transit infrastructure as the Champlain bridge is being rebuilt

AMT – Management of urban planning and urban design studies associated with the extension of the Laval and Longueil subway lines (2011-2012)

Transports Québec – Management of urban integration and landscaping studies as part of the detailed pre-project plan for the Turcot project as a subcontractor for the SNC-Lavalin consortium / CIMA+

Some fifteen studies examining the economic benefits of a project, due diligence on the opportunity to acquire an immovable, including the identification of the highest and best use, market studies and strategic positioning studies

Of the feasibility and opportunity studies conducted, the most notable ones are:  

Ville de Montréal – Participation in a study conducted jointly with Price Waterhouse to analyze the development and prospects of the textile, garment and fur industry in Montréal

MRC des Maskoutains CLD – Positioning study for the Saint-Hyacinthe Cité de la biotechnologie

Public Services and Procurement Canada – Disposition study for the old Saint-Vincent-de-Paul penitentiary in Laval to develop recycling scenarios and evaluate its market value

Intermont – Prefeasibility study for a hybrid ski lift (chairs and gondolas) on Mont Orford; a first in Québec


To offer all our clients a quality service built on pertinence, integrity and creativity, with the utmost respect for all project stakeholders.


To foster the emergence of economically viable projects and the creation of sustainable living spaces that add value to their host communities.


The close relationships and trust we build with our clients are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. Added value, sustainability and pertinence are central to our actions. They inspire projects that are economically realistic, meet timelines and comply with the processes for social acceptability.